Publisher Solutions

Ad Operations Consulting & Outsourcing

Managing ad operation functions can be complex but we simplify if for you. Biggest challenge in managing ad operations is getting the right candidate. Our team has vast experience of managing ad operations right from small teams of 1 - 5 people to large teams of 70 - 100 people. We can help you with:

  • Campaign setup teams who can set up campaigns, optimise and report campaigns across different adserves and ad formats
  • QC teams who does quality checks across creatives, campaigns setups and general hygiene to avoid any campaign go live errors
  • Creative services for those who need support to create creatives as per complex ad specs across different ad platforms
  • Client servicing and sales operations folks who can ensure client success by delivering client end objectives

Indirect Monetization

If you have a sales function that is not able to sell through your ad inventory then you can use indirect monetization channels to sell through. Need consultation on how to setup indirect monetization channels then we can partner with you to grow your indirect ad revenue. We can help you with:

  • Programmatic guaranteed (PG) deal setups which is similar to direct sales campaign but removes the hassle of invoicing and reporting to the clients
  • Private marketplace (PMP) deal setup to allow audience buying to selected advertisers and agencies at fixed CPM buy. Your eCPMs for PMP deals can be higher than your direct buy campaigns
  • Programmatic or open auction setup for better yield optimisation into the bidding world of ad buying to maximise your revenue

Platform Usage Consulting

We can help you choose the right platform for your different requirements. Our team has 15 plus years of working on different ad serving, analytics, order management systems, etc platforms. We can help you choose right platforms for:

  • Ad serving
  • Ad analytics
  • Order Management Systems
  • Sales pipeline Management
  • Billing and Invoicing